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Another early morning - woken by the morning prayer at about 4.20am. I'm so going to miss that alarm...well, maybe not! I did enjoy the addition of the dog calls though :)

My first point of call after a quick shower was to head off to find coffee again. Espresso is a rare treat around Turkey and one I wasn't going to miss whilst I knew where to get it. Back at our caves we had to have all our stuff ready to go before we headed with our new local guide Mehmet who took us to one of the underground cities. Now, this is not an exaggeration...it was literally a city. We walked down five levels! They had an entire civilisation down there for years and with over five thousand people. I was again amazed as Mehmet talked at how advanced the civilisation was. What happened to that knowledge? I didn't really get any photos down there because there really just wasn't any point. So I contended myself with just walking around the schools, the stables, the churches, the sleeping quarters, hoping that the stone doors didn't close on us.

Back on the surface again the sun was well and truly making itself known. I can't imagine why anyone would want to travel through Turkey in summer. It was so hot. It felt about 40 degrees though I'm sure it was just felt that way because it was mostly stone, rock and sand around us. Though it was also surprisingly green too.

Back in Goreme we had lunch - yep gozleme again! - then Rachel, Sally, David and I joined another intrepid group for a Carpet talk. I have to say I'm really glad I went. Now, I didn't buy a capret but I can understand why people would want to. They are even more beautiful when you understand them a bit better. It helps to be told about them by someone who is passionately obsessed by them.
But the fun was to be over soon. It wasn't long before we were all back at our caves to jump on a bus to Ankara.

What can I tell you about my travel there. Aside from the stunning scenery (Turkey certainly doesn't disappoint there!) it was just travel. For the first time we had clouds and rain. Actually I lie. At lunch we had a mini dust storm (I may be exaggerating a little) which blistered its way through the middle of town then just stopped. But on the road it was stormy and grey which just made the green that more vibrant. It took me a while before I realised that the green hills I was staring at looked like the Windows desktop background. You know that ridiculously green hill that you think would never been seen in the flesh, so to speak? Well, I've seen it now!
Ankara is...well...not my favourite place in Turkey. It was noisy, busy, ugly and chaotic. At the train station we had dinner with canned vegies and packet mash potato. But we did have live music. I taught the girls gin rummy with my new Turkey playing cards. We continued playing once we got on the train until we were all a little delirious with tiredness - especially me. You know when everything becomes funny? And I think I'm pretty funny at the best of times so I was just hilarious that night...or so I thought. But as Rachel said. Happy is he (she) who can laugh at himself for he will always be amused. That's me to a tea!

Tired as I was I had no problem falling asleep on the train...nor staying asleep until our wake up call - hmmm...wake up call?

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We were collected next morning to drive to cappadocia for our tour. This again was wonderful though our guide talked too much at times, giving us too much information and not enough time to www.privatetoursinistanbul.com wander on our own. We had a bit of fun when a Greek guest disagreed with the guide on some points. I don't think the guide appreciated my friend and I not paying attention!! I will say that Cappadocia is not somewhere i'd like to spend much time. Very shabby with a pack of mangy dogs running around. I found that quite upsetting. The hotel, cave hotel, was again adequate with lovely helpful staff. Very clean but an extra blanket or sheet would have been nice as well as a bedside light. At least the fridge was big enough for our Gin and Tonic !! The undergrand city trip was also interesting (apart from the guide talking too much), though we were not impressed with the "Cappadocia"... Japanese tourists seemed to like it. But we felt the Turkish tourist board should spend a bit more on something more appropriate. Our memories of the trip will be the excellent organisation and lovely, friendly, helpful staff. Thank you all so much. Love Istanbul......"

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