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Istanbul traffic, one last photo and a coffee to go

Heading home

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As I write this I'm sitting at home. Home! After unpacking last night I've had a good nights sleep. This morning I've had a strong skinny soy latte, a long walk with Savvy and my sister and now thinking about what delicious delight I could have for lunch.

But before I do that I wanted to record my last adventure...

...Back in Istanbul I climbed into the very late shuttle bus assuring myself that I would not miss my flight. Besides, stressing about getting to the airport on time was not going to get me there any faster. So instead I sat back and took my last look at Istanbul as it wizzed...well actually I could have got out and walked faster...past. Sometimes I think it's the getting to and from the airport in a foreign city that is the most exciting. There were nine of us and one driver. A driver who had full conversations with the cars next to him on the road as we crawled through late afternoon traffic.

Everyone seems to speak on their mobile phones when they are weaving in and out of traffic. It was no different for our driver and for half of the trip I felt like I was back in the Grand Bazzar. But he got us there just in time. My pack was considerably heavier than when I left - in fact, even with turfing a lot of the heavier stuff my pack was 6.9kg heavier than when I left!

I found one last place to take a photo after checking in my luggage. The toilet! Now, I've seen some strange English translations whilst in Turkey but this one really did seem very strange. Above the toilet there was a sign saying 'Please help us save water - flush twice.' Interesting tactic for saving water.
As I waited I treated myself to a starbucks mocha latte with two extra shots. It only cost me 11 TYL!!! Well, what am I going to do with 12TYL at home?

I was looking forward to some chilled out time of the plane. Breathing easily with the knowledge that my being hassled by men days were over...hmmm

Hello African business man (dealing in spare parts?) who thought it would be a good idea if I give him my contact details for when he comes to Australia to sell his spare parts (I didn't like to ask). Luckily I convinced him that Melbourne really was just a small town and that he was more likely to need a contact in Sydney which was a long train ride from my home. It was a LONG four hours to Dubai.

I figured I had done my dash with the uncomfortable start of my journey home so was hoping/praying that the next leg of 13 1/2 hours I would be sitting either next to no one or a very small person (Mr Spare Parts was a rather large man) with no interest in talking. Ask and it is given! Two seats all to myself which made the journey that little less arduous. Still, fourteen hours is fourteen hours. After what felt like days we landed in Melbourne...a considerably cooler Melbourne.

The adventure has truly come to and end. I hope those of you who have found the time to read my rambling have found it interesting and perhaps even felt a little like you were there yourself. Clearly I can highly recommend Turkey as a destination guaranteed not to dissapoint.

Hoscakal Turkey!

Now to plan my next adventure!

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