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Hiking the Lycian trail and paragliding in Ölüdeniz

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I think the title of this next entry says it all!

'Günaydin' say several roosters this morning. But I was already awake in the freezing cold room. More like an extended bathroom. Which I wouldn't have minded if the bathroom provided me with hot water. But in keeping with the theme of experiencing new things I had a cold shower pretty much pressed up against the wall. How is it that a shower head that points directly at the wall can get water EVERYWHERE except on the person wanting to rinse off the soap?

I kept telling myself that this was as good (almost) as a strong coffee in the morning. I'm not quite acclimatised to the idea of nescafe in the morning. Each time we reach a new destination I hopefully ask them 'karveh lütfen?' The answer is always the same...an enthusiastic nod and smile followed by the disappointing word...'nescafe'.

Anyway, enough about my coffee sob story. Today we took the very eerily spectacular walk through the ghost village in Kayoköy accompanied by the two dogs from our hotel. The ghost village is just over 2000 deserted houses, churches and roads during World War I. Walking through the streets of this village it easy to understand why they called it the ghost village. A beautiful tapestry of ruins bathed in gorgeous sunshine and threaded with delicate flowers has the magical effect of tranquillity. Another opportunity to snap, snap, snap.
IMG_8867.jpg IMG_8854.jpg
We climbed a hill where I got a photo of a two tailed dragonfly! We continued on through forest, over rocks, down hills, up hills, and on we went for about 2 hours. I loved it. For those interested (which I'm sure it may be only two of you) my new shoes have been well worn and most importantly have not given me any issues at all. The hike lead us to stunning views of the aptly named Turquoise coast that promised us a prize swim at the end.
IMG_8888.jpg IMG_8883.jpgIMG_8877.jpg IMG_8879.jpg
By the time we got to Ölüdeniz however, I was way too tired to find a dressing room and change into my bathers. Instead I chilled out with a soda water and a bit of relief from the hot sun. We did try to commander an umbrella on the beach but it cost 16.50 TYL! For shade! Ölüdeniz is very touristy as I discovered as I went in search of a new pair of sunnies to replace the ones I lost. Dolce & Cabana - Genuine Fake that is.

We had quite a bit of time to spend here so what better time spendage than booking myself in to do paragliding? I didn't require much convincing as I watched person after person glide onto the beach with huge grins on their faces.

A 45 minute truck drive took us (Rachel, Brian, Jean and I) up and up and up a winding road where we passed a bunch of horses, some goats, a few dogs and a cat or two. To be honest, the ride up was proving to be the most terrifying part and yet I waiting for the nerves to kick in. Waited and waited. The guys who did this jump over and over again were showing off a little on the bus and I watched carefully those stuffing corn chips into their mouths hoping that I wouldn't get that as my olfactory sensory trigger for this memory of this experience.
IMG_8895.jpg IMG_8904.jpg
Once up the top I put on the very large nappy and accepted the cracked helmet as the guy I was flying with jammed it on my head. Still the nerves did not surface. I was the second last to go of eight people. I was told how important it was for me to 'run like a horse' when he told me to run. Easier said than done. I guess running like a horse pulling a carriage maybe! Finally we started to move and we were speeding down a gravelly hill then suddenly my feet were no longer touching the ground and I was flying! Gliding! Floating! Whatever the right word is.
IMG_8912.jpg IMG_8914.jpg
Words can't really say how it felt. Nor will photos. But of course I will give it a go.

There were no feelings but that of awe and excitement as we soared over the mountains, flying so high there were eagles flying below us. I felt as though I were sitting in an armchair - like the silver chair from those children's books. You know the chair with the wings? I was comfortable and able to take photos. My guy started to hum some song as we meandered through the sky. I say I felt nothing but awe and excitement but there did come a time that I felt my stomach depart from where it should be when my guy decided to do some tricks. Corkscrew seems the most appropriate name for it. Kind of reminded me of the gravitron.

Landing I knew I was grinning from ear to ear even if my tummy was feeling a little displaced. But what better way to ease a freaked out tummy than soda water followed by the most amazing boysenberry ice cream? Well it worked for me.

The rest of the night paled in comparison to that experience. Except for the part where İ found my sunnies at the internet cafe. After dinner (where I almost fell asleep in my lentil soup) I pretty much passed out and didn't even notice the cold temperature of the room. İt ıs a beautiful thing being too tired to notice discomfort.


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