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Now comes the waiting, and waiting, and waiting

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So I'm filling in time before I jump in the car to be driven to the airport. I've never been so well prepared for a trip before! I am packed and ready - and have been since 4.30pm this afternoon. I've freshly dyed my hair and resisted the almost overwhelming desire to take scissors to my unruly locks. I've watched a movie very kindly provided by Pieta and I've cleaned my house beyond an inch of it's life! Now, when is my flight? That would 2.55am!!! That's a lot of time to fill in.

I'm actually feeling nervous now. Probably the thing that is most affecting me right now (aside from wanting to go to sleep) is the fact that I'll be leaving my puppy for three and a half weeks! Now for a non-dog owner, I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but I've never been away from her for more than 5 days.

I'm bordering on obsessive compulsive with my check lists. I keep running through my head all the things that I've packed and talking myself out of filling the spaces in my backpack. Spaces! What a poor excuse for a female I am! Though I think I can promise with absolute certainty - I will not be using that space to bring back a carpet.

So I've been reading about Istanbul, about the origins of Turkish delight. I've been practising my Turkish - with I'm sure an entertainingly BAD accent, I've tried my best not to think about the 18+ hours of flight I have in front of me and only to focus on the incredible city where my flight ends. Istanbul. Though I've read so much about it, I imagine that it will surprise me. I'm counting on it. All new taste, sights and smells.

Well, time to go cuddle my puppy again...I know, pathetic.

signing off from Australia - next stop Dubai - then............Istanbul

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Preparations and on the countdown

My arm is sore but it is all in aid of keeping me healthy on my intrepid adventure that begins in 17 days...not that I'm counting!

It seems an age since I have taken a trip overseas and I feel a little out of practice. I'd forgotten the potential volume of stuff you can buy thinking that you need it for your trip. It costs a lot of money even before you step on the plane! But the reality is that once I am on that plane...sigh. Turkey, Turkey, here I come. Ready or not, here I come!

From the 6th of May until May 28th

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