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A little Turkish goes a long way

Learning a bit of the language

In my travels around Turkey I realised how much knowing a little Turkish really goes a long way. So I thought I would share the most important things I learned whilst I was there. I can't promise that it will be spelt correctly but I will do my best.

Hello : Merhaba (Mer-ha-bah)

Goodmorning : Günaydin (gun-eye-den)

Thank you : Teşhekkür ederim (te-sher-kerr-ed-er-rem)

You’re welcome : Birşey ederim (bee-shey ed-der-rem)

Thanks : Sağ ol (sowl)

Thank you very much :
Çok sağ ol (chock sowl)

No thanks : Yok sağ ol (yock sowl)

Yes please : Evet lütfen (eh-vet lewt-fen)

Please : Lütfen (lewt-fen)

Good/beautiful : Güzel (gew-zelle)

Very good/beautiful : Çok güzel (chock gew-zelle)

Yes : Evet (eh-vet)

No : Hayır (higher)

Cheers : Şerefe (share-eh-fah)

Goodbye (when I am leaving) :
Hoşçakal (hosh-cha-kahl)

Goodbye (when they are leaving) : Güle Güle (gew-lay gew-lay)

Coffee : Kaveh (car-vay)

Tea :
Çay (chai)

Water : Sü (sue)

Mineral water : Mayden suyu (may-den sue-you)

Milk : Süt (soot)

Pistachio Magnum please: Fistik Magnum lütfen (fis-stick magnum lewt-fen)

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