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Istanbul traffic, one last photo and a coffee to go 28.05.2009
A little Turkish goes a long way 27.05.2009
Mummies, baklava and fish sandwich...last rites of Istanbul 27.05.2009
Tram, palace, kebab and fistik magnum...just another day 26.05.2009
Recipe for adventure 25.05.2009
Best baklava and another museum in Istanbul 24.05.2009
Istanbul shopping 'til you drop 23.05.2009
To the islands we go 22.05.2009
Waking up in Istanbul 21.05.2009
Cappadocia secrets and more bus travel 20.05.2009
Flying high and walking low in Cappadocia 19.05.2009
Konya to Cappadocia - the epic journey begins 18.05.2009
Üçağiz to Konya - that would be 11 hours! 17.05.2009
Turquoise Coast and return to Öçağiz for Eurovision 16.05.2009
Kayaköy to Kaş to Öçağiz to boat 14.05.2009
Pammukale to Fethiye 14.05.2009
Hiking the Lycian trail and paragliding in Ölüdeniz 13.05.2009
Selçuk to Pammukale 12.05.2009
Bursa to Selçuk 11.05.2009
İstanbul, apple tea, ice-cream & lots of walking 09.05.2009
Tired in Dubai 06.05.2009
Now comes the waiting, and waiting, and waiting 05.05.2009
Preparations and on the countdown 19.04.2009